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Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia

Abnormal PAP results

Let’s discuss your treatment options!

Importance of the PAP test-this is a simple way to check for early changes in your cervix.

Abnormal PAP results-are sometimes very simple to correct and follow. Don’t worry! -cervical cancer is rare and progresses slowly-you are not likely to get to advanced stages if you come to the doctor’s office regularly for screening.

Be aware of risk factors-the causes of abnormal PAP tests can be complex.  However take care to learn and familiarize yourself with your risks.  If you have had sex at a young age, or have many sexual partners, have “unprotected “ intercourse, or smoke or a family history—YOU MAY BE at higher risk and we will ask you to come in for follow up more often.

HPV-human papilloma virus-a few of the subtypes can lead to warts, cervical cancers, Cervical dysplasia (early nuclear changes in the cells).  You can be infected and not know—we will review this in more detail at your individual visit. Try not to jump to conclusions until we do an exam and discuss your results carefully.  In general, vaccinations are a good idea-for most patients-but the research on HPV and PAPs is updated frequently-and we will keep you informed at each follow up visit.

The diagnosis -will be refined  after your colposcopy results are back.  Colposcopy is a brief, but thorough and detailed  microscopic sampling of the abnormal cells on your cervix.  This takes just a couple of minutes longer than a regular PAP test.  I use a numbing gel on your cervix to make you as comfortable as possible..I also recommend you eat regularly before the visit, take 2 Advil, and bring your IPOD /headphones for distraction/relaxation.

Treatment regimens-include cryosurgery (a light freezing of mild dysplasia) and sometimes LEEP—a more in depth removal method of a small part of the cervix with a loop electrode (for moderate to severe dysplasia).

SUGGESTION !!:  Again—I encourage you not to worry—abnormal PAPs are simply treated; easy to follow and our office will be happy to explain results and options clearly. You will have time to ask questions and understand when to return to the office as well as your normal activities.  We encourage you to take good care of your female health.

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