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Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia

Dr-Kotob-portrait-newWelcome to Dr. Kotob’s gyn practice - we understand that women’s issues can be sensitive and we specialize in concise, concerned and compassionate care of women of all ages!

Dr. Kotob grew up in Newport Beach-attended Newport Elementary, Ensign Jr. High and graduated from Newport Harbor High School. Her undergraduate degree is in Biochemistry from UC Davis, where she did research in genetics. (read more...)

Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery is a special interest of Dr. Kotob’s current practice. Women presenting with complex bleeding issues such as fibroids, polyps and adenomyosis can often be readily helped once the diagnosis is obtained with labs and ultrasounds. Depending on the patient, her results, her work/family responsibilities - hysteroscopic management (uterus preserving) may be appropriate and occasionally a minimally invasive (ovary or cervix sparing) total laparoscopic hysterectomy may be warranted. Dr. Kotob enjoys taking time with each patient individually and guiding each patient towards the best treatment for her particular problem and concerns. “Women usually know what they need when they come here -- thanks to their family, friends and the Internet--we just have to work together to get to the right solutions for her”!

During the Well Woman Exam--we discuss lots of issues important to today’s healthy woman--referrals to excellent specialists in laser dermatology, gastroenterology and colonoscopy, breast, osteoporosis and cardiology are often reviewed. We are delighted to help you find good care.

Prevention of cervical / vaginal /vulvar cancer is an important aspect of every gyn practice. We evaluate each referral carefully; follow repeat PAPs; provide gentile and easily understandable colposcopy/cryosurgery/LEEPs for diagnosis and treatment of preinvasive disease. We work closely with our family doctor referrals and our Gyn-oncology colleagues to provide the latest surveillance techniques.

Perimenopause and menopause are challenging phases in most women’s lives. Dr. Kotob will review the patient’s history, including family tendencies, evaluate labs, check prior treatments and carefully design a cautious mutually developed approach to assist patients during these transitional periods. She starts with natural methods/suggestions, and may add short term HRT as well as biodentical hormones for more sensitive patients. The pros and cons of such modalities are reviewd in detail-sometimes over several visits. One of her favorite author’s states --”you may spend over a third of your life postmenopausal-you might as well figure out how to enjoy it”!!

No longer prescribing contraceptives, Dr. Kotob encourages Natural Family Planning both for young women working towards fertility and for those trying to currently avoid pregnancy. Having practiced OB for 17 yrs, Dr. Kotob still enjoys pregnancy planning consults as well as reviewing breast feeding and childspacing.

So RELAX, bring your questions and concerns about your own female health--some patients bring their sister, mom, daughter or neighbor and go out to lunch at Fashion Island afterwards... we will be happy to see you for your gynecologic care.

Give our office staff a call and we will schedule a convenient appointment for you.

Dr. K


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